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Take your baby to experience camping. A total of 20 pieces of camping and picnic equipment, let your baby experience the fun of camping. It is a perfect educational gift for school-age children and is now popular.
(The watch and multi-function whistle contain batteries, other toys do not contain batteries, 3A batteries need to be purchased separately)
Different from ordinary toys, KOALA-DIARY camping set can be carried around and is suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

KOALA-DIARY camping set material: plastic, polyester fiber and (cloth tent)
Applicable age: 4~6 years old Outer box size: 33*10*32cm
Weight: 1155g
Origin: China
* Parents must be present during play

Children's Deluxe Camping Set (Toys)

NT$2,600 Regular Price
NT$1,130Sale Price
  • 1. As it involves personal hygiene, for the safety and health of your baby, if you find that the product is defective, please keep the [product integrity] and [product complete outer packaging]. Please do not stick stickers or write words on the product box... etc. Once the product has been used or washed in water, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

    2. If the product is not defective, we will not accept returns or exchanges if the product has been used, washed, or the packaging has been damaged due to unpacking.

    3. The products provided to you are all new products. Since this product is a consumable toy, each person's usage conditions and habits will affect the product's service life. Therefore, this product does not provide warranty and maintenance services.

    4. If the product is defective or damaged during transportation, please inform us within 3 days of receiving the product and provide photos to apply for return and exchange service. We would like to reiterate that if the product is damaged due to personal factors, we will not accept return and exchange service.

    Warm reminder
    1. After receiving the goods, please check the ordered products first. It is recommended to take an unboxing video to protect your personal rights.

    2. As it involves personal hygiene, for the safety and health of your baby, this product will not be accepted for return or exchange after being unpacked, tried (used) or washed.

    3. Original imported products are directly packed into the original outer box when they leave the factory. Based on the principle of environmental protection, no excessive packaging materials are used. After a series of transportation and handling processes, collisions are inevitable. The outer box packaging may have slight dents, but it does not affect the product function.

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