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Luxury party in Shanshui Valley


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Camping requires wine, barbecue, and friends

Camping accommodation, luxurious BBQ dinner, Western breakfast, karaoke, exclusive barbecue area, free drinks, luxurious wine cannon set


You can invite your friends to the party, and I'll give it a try. The lights and sound will make you have a blast, and there are special discounts for groups.

💓Extra bonus for college students’ summer vacation💓​
Check in and take photos in your bachelor's gown (Instagram or Facebook), and get an extra set of luxury wine and cannon.

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1. The stay period for this project is limited to Monday to Friday from August 1 to August 31, 2022.

2. This package includes: luxury camping accommodation, BBQ dinner, breakfast the next day, karaoke, exclusive area, free drinks , luxury wine and cannon set.
3. Dinner portions are customized according to the number of people in the plan. We only provide increases but not decreases. If you need to increase the amount, you need to purchase it separately.

4. Free alcoholic beverages will be provided on site. You are not allowed to bring additional alcoholic beverages by yourself. If you bring your own alcoholic beverages, a corkage fee of $ 1,500 will be charged .

5. The lighting and sound system for the party are only available until 22:00 every evening.
6. Shanshuigu reserves the right to change, modify and make final interpretation of the project.

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Wine Cannon3.png

Good deals extra purchase
1. Liyutan SUP Paddling Experience:
1. One person per board $900 (original price: 1,400)
2. Two people per board $1,600 (original price: 2,600)
2. Large campfire: $5,000/seat 3. Local DJ: $18,000/3 hours (depending on the schedule)

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