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Today (October 13, 2011) afternoon, we have received calls from customers, reporting that their personal information has been leaked. Our company solemnly clarifies that we have never leaked any personal information of tourists! We have already investigated the system vendor for this matter and have filed a case with the police. The system vendor said that they are handling the case. I would like to say sorry to all the distinguished guests. We do not have a position of CFO. If you have received this fraudulent call, please ignore it. If you have any questions, please call 03-8655678 directly to let us know. We are very sorry for the trouble we have caused you. Please trust us. We reiterate that our company will never leak any personal information of tourists. We have investigated the system vendor for the leakage issue and have also filed a police report. Please rest assured.


Fraudulent tactics are constantly changing. Please be reminded that our park will not verify personal information such as bank accounts and credit card numbers by phone, text message or email under any name, nor will it ask you to operate ATM or counter or make online banking transfers for any reason (for example, missetting installment payments or continuous deductions, misplacing orders, mis-swiping barcodes, making additional payments, member service upgrades, etc.). If you receive similar calls or text messages, please hang up immediately and call the 165 anti-fraud hotline, or check with us to ensure your rights.


If you receive a related call, please do not follow the instructions on the phone. Contact our service staff for confirmation first, or call the 165 anti-fraud hotline.


Hualien Liyu Lake Camping Resort reminds you

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