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Guest room

Romantic Ball House on Water

Number of tents: 6


Number of guests:


Internal bed type:

1 (3)_edited.jpg

King size bed (6*6.2 feet Queen size extra wide bed)

In-room facilities


Inverter air conditioner


Independent dry and wet bathroom


Clothes hanger


Single sofa


Bath Products




Electric kettle

Other room types
Luxury Tent
Self-catering campsites
Room Introduction

A new level of luxury camping ! Romantic spherical house for two on the water! The extremely luxurious interior design adds a romantic atmosphere to the world of two.

The interior is as functional as a five-star hotel: Queen-size bed, private water viewing platform, independent dry and wet bathroom facilities, Internet celebrity-grade clothes hangers, ergonomic Nordic simple single snail sofa chair, Mini Bar welcome tea table with various accessories, hair dryer, refrigerator, full-length mirror, and split inverter air conditioning.

Bath products are from the British luxury brand BenSherman, which is the first choice of many five-star hotels!

The highly efficient spherical structure in mechanics is supported by triangular geometric steel columns, which not only greatly improves the beauty and strength of the tent, but is also said to be able to withstand high-intensity wind and rain!

The unique spherical appearance and high-end luxury interior make it look like a miniature version of a five-star hotel! It is known as the " Taiwan version of the Swiss Alps luxury tent village" .

Price Definition:

Weekdays: Sunday to Monday

Holidays: Every Friday, Saturday and consecutive holidays

The above room prices are for reference only, please refer to the park counter announcement

In order to maintain the quality of accommodation, pets are not allowed in the rooms of this park. Thank you for your cooperation.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms of this park. If you need to smoke, please go outside the room.

Please click here for complete house rules

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