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Self-catering - Cabin Campsite

Number of cabins: 70


Number of guests:


Campsite size: length 380*width 330*height 250

​Power supply: Sockets and basic lighting are provided in the cabins

If you have any special needs, please call us (ex: close to the toilet, etc.)

※Vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving on the lawn※
​※The cabin is suitable for tents up to 300*300 ※

Price Definition:

Weekdays: Sunday to Monday

Holidays: Every Friday, Saturday and consecutive holidays

Please click here for complete house rules

Other room types
Luxury Tent
Campsite Introduction

The "Cabin Area" has quaint semi-open independent A-type cabins. The power supply is provided by dedicated 110V sockets in the cabins for campers to use. The camping sites are surrounded by many trees. Five cabins form a small area with a small campfire space in the middle (a small campfire fee of $2000 must be reserved in advance). It is very suitable for camping with friends and families who have their own tents.

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