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Self-service tent - Lawn campsite

Number of tents that can be set up on the grass: 40


Number of guests:


Campsite size: 800m long x 500m wide

​Power supply: Public power supply (you need to bring your own extension cable of 3m or more)

Water supply: Public water source (slightly away)

If you have any special needs, please call us (ex: close to the toilet, etc.)

※Vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving on the lawn※
​※One parking space is limited to "four people per parking space".
Additional charges will be incurred if additional people are required※

Price Definition:

Weekdays: Sunday to Monday

Holidays: Every Friday, Saturday and consecutive holidays

Please click here for complete house rules

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Campsite Introduction

The "Starry Sky Lawn Camping Area" is named "lawn camping site" because the starry sky and the Milky Way are clearly visible at night, so it is named "Starry Sky Lawn Camping Site". The power supply is a 110V public socket provided for campers to use. The camping sites are arranged along the road in the park, which is not only convenient for unloading equipment but also gives a sense of security and convenience (vehicles are not allowed to drive into the lawn). It is suitable for campers who "heavily" display their tents and equipment.

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